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Allowing Something Fresh To Come In", "link_label": "", "link": "", "btn__style": "link animate-arrow" } } }, "block_order": [ "1647509024a11b3c25-2" ], "settings": { "title": "", "heading_size": 100, "heading__align": "center", "image_width": "third", "image_ratio": "circle", "column_alignment": "center", "background_style": "none", "button_label": "", "button_link": "", "swipe_on_mobile": false, "color_scheme": "background-1", "padding_top": 36, "padding_bottom": 0, "custom_css": "" } }, "1647509454e7cbb2e7": { "type": "rich-text", "disabled": true, "blocks": { "164750945413e581a1-0": { "type": "heading", "settings": { "heading": "Generosity", "heading_size": "h1" } }, "164750945413e581a1-1": { "type": "text", "settings": { "text": "

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One of the most important mental-emotional qualities is hope.

Hope is like opening a window in a closed room and letting some light and fresh air get in.

It streams strength, power, and vitality into our minds, and empowers the ability to overcome challenges.

Lack of hope paints life with gloomy colors, closing the mind and consciousness so that we are not able to see beyond our despair.", "text_style": "subtitle" } }, "1647452839aef444e5-2": { "type": "button", "disabled": true, "settings": { "button_label": "Button label", "button_link": "", "btn__style": "button button--primary", "font__weight": "bold" } } }, "block_order": [ "1647452839aef444e5-1", "1647452839aef444e5-2" ], "settings": { "heading_title": "", "full__width": false, "max__width": 1400, "image": "shopify:\/\/shop_images\/hope_copy_1608255f-7277-4e90-b9ce-d517bcb27a5b.png", "height": "adapt", "desktop_image_width": "small", "layout": "text_first", "desktop_content_alignment": "left", "color_scheme": "background-1", "add_info1": false, "add_info1_heading": "", "add_info1_text": "", "add_info2": false, "add_info2_heading": "", "add_info2_text": "", "add_info3": false, "add_info3_heading": "", "add_info3_text": "", "add_info4": false, "add_info4_heading": "", "add_info4_text": "", "add_info5": false, "add_info5_heading": "", "add_info5_text": "", "mobile_content_alignment": "left", "padding_top": 36, "padding_bottom": 36, "button_text": "", "button_url": "", "custom_css": "" } }, "1647452963ebc95bd6": { "type": "image-text-v2", "blocks": { "1647452962084270fa-1": { "type": "text", "settings": { "text": "

Hope helps us recognize that beyond every dead end there is a window of opportunity.

When we change our approach and let sunlight and fresh air enter a closed room, we begin to look at reality with open eyes, without fear, avoidance or despair.

With flexibility and curiosity, we change our perception, think outside the box, observe things

from a new perspective and discover new possibilities, which awaken hope and the ability to create change.", "text_style": "body" } }, "1647452962084270fa-2": { "type": "button", "disabled": true, "settings": { "button_label": "Button label", "button_link": "", "btn__style": "button button--primary", "font__weight": "bold" } } }, "block_order": [ "1647452962084270fa-1", "1647452962084270fa-2" ], "settings": { "heading_title": "", "full__width": false, "max__width": 1400, "image": "shopify:\/\/shop_images\/hope_1ebcb7a7-3996-4e6a-b1e3-93f149f39578.png", "height": "adapt", "desktop_image_width": "small", "layout": "image_first", "desktop_content_alignment": "left", "color_scheme": "background-1", "add_info1": false, "add_info1_heading": "", "add_info1_text": "", "add_info2": false, "add_info2_heading": "", "add_info2_text": "", "add_info3": false, "add_info3_heading": "", "add_info3_text": "", "add_info4": false, "add_info4_heading": "", "add_info4_text": "", "add_info5": false, "add_info5_heading": "", "add_info5_text": "", "mobile_content_alignment": "left", "padding_top": 36, "padding_bottom": 36, "button_text": "", "button_url": "", "custom_css": "" } } }, "order": [ "main", "16475090245f31879b", "1647509454e7cbb2e7", "16474528397d05c487", "1647452963ebc95bd6" ] }

Jewelry That Connects The Divine With The Mundane


We recycle old sterling silver and give it new life, and do all this with a lot of passion.

Each jewelry is a handmade piece.
Each piece represents a symbol. 
Each symbol connects to a positive value.
Each value lives with you every day.

The symbols are the energetic representations of specific values,
which also serve to remind us of the intention we want to bring into our daily life.


It doesn’t matter if you believe in this or not,
as long as you know the meaning of the symbol you are holding.
If you understand what you are holding, that will be the reminder of the value
you want to work with and embrace in your life.



Louharya or Loulou is one of Ve’lou’s founders and the creator of our unique collection of symbols.

As a musician, philosopher and entrepreneur her teachings take different forms, but the core idea is always the same: helping people cope with the challenges in their lives and their movement from one stage in life to another.

Our collection is another way of streaming energy that represents evolution, transformation, growth and prosperity. It connects people from around the world to unique values.

Our Promise

Sustainable Packaging

Made from 100% recycledpaper and without glue

100% Natural Recycled Silver

No purity is lost in the process of
extracting silver from used items.

Fair & Local Labor

We personally meet everyone involved
in the manufacturing process.

Reduced CO2 Emissions

Recycling is significantly less damaging in terms of CO emissions and the use of energy.

Planet Friendly

Recycling silver helps to protect rainforest, animal, plant and human life.

Active NGO Support

We donate a portion of our profits to
projects promoting a sustainable future.

Sign up

Join us in building a network of people who care about the world,
about the environment, about fashion and about their wellbeing.

All rings are made to order. Orders might take up to 3 weeks to be delivered.


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