• Handmade from recycled silver

  • Sustainable Packaging without glue

  • We support NGOS with our profits

  • Fair and ethically produced in israel

Appreciate Life As It Is


About Louharya

The Creator Of The 14 Empowering Symbols

Louharya or Loulou (to friends&family) is one of Ve’lou’s founders and the creator of our unique collection of symbols.

Since a very young age, Loulou has been able to see energy patterns hidden from our sight, and it wasn't until she was 12 that she realized that this wasn't “normal”.

As a musician, philosopher and entrepreneur her teachings take different forms, but the core idea is always the same: helping people cope with the challenges in their lives and their movement from one stage in life to another.

Our collection is another way of streaming energy that represents evolution, transformation, growth and prosperity. It connects people from around the world to unique values.

Sustainable Packaging

Made from 100% recycled
paper and without glue.

100% Natural Recycled Silver

No purity is lost in the process of
extracting silver from used items.

Fair & Local Labor

We personally meet everyone involved
in the manufacturing process.

Reduced CO2 Emissions

Recycling is significantly less damaging in terms of CO emissions and the use of energy.

Planet Friendly

Recycling silver helps to protect rainforest, animal, plant and human life.

Active NGO Support

We donate a portion of our profits to
projects promoting a sustainable future.